We recommend, if you are coming from Overseas to buy your equipment here in Bogota.

a) Clothes
Comfortable Clothes / Quick Dry.
Tshirts / Long sleeve clothes.
Bath Suit / Cotton Clothes / Long socks / Towell.

b) Equipment
Boots / Rubber Boots.
Lantern / Small blanket.
Rain Poncho / Hat / Sunglasses.
Canteen or Camping Bottle / Swiss Knife.
Leather Gloves / Camera.
Soap in case you need to wash your clothes
Deodorant / Talc / Toothbrush / Tooth Paste
Ziplock bags to protect cellphone, camera etc.

d) Vaccine
Yellow Fever Vaccine, 10 days before arrive.
Vitamin B1, take one pill each day, 8 days before arrive.
DEET Repelent Anti mosquito.
Solar protector cream (SPF 15).
Vick vaporub / Personal Medicine.

e) Travel Recommendations
Always carry objects in Ziplock bags.
Always wear rubber boots.
Always pay attention to Guide.
Always walk with a partner and a Guide, we have expert Guides.
Please dont do crazy things inside the Forest.(Eg. Touch everything)
If you follow our recommendations you won't be in Danger, walking inside the Forest is amazing and one of the best experiences of your life! So... let's GO!.