Colombia is passion (English)

Colombia El riesgo es que te
quieras quedar ( Amazonas)

The Amazon Forest:

The Amazonian region in Colombia is a territory that "has an extension of 403,348 kilometers square equal to the 35,4% of the terrestrial surface of the country and includes the departments of Caquetá, Putumayo, Amazon, Vaupés, Guainía and Guaviare, and represents more extensive the terrestrial international borders of the country with Venezuela, Brazil, Peru and Ecuador".

This is one of the few places of the world in which the man still has not had an active presence, leaving this territory like a paradise in which exist a diversity of resources that will help in the environmental, medicinal, and animal studies.

In the Amazonian region have "88 Indigenious Territories (IT), discriminated in three departments: Putumayo (30 IT), Caquetá (38 IT) and Amazon (28 IT). They occupy an approximated area of 9.922.146 hectares. With a population of 29,073 people, 5,619 families ". This statictics shows that the people that lives in the Amazonian Region are very important for the future of the wolrd and stop global warming.